Sarah & Noah

March 23, 2019Seaside, Florida

Our Story
The Future Mr. & Mrs. Chisolm
Noah and Sarah first met in Jackson, MS in March of 2017 and started dating in April of 2017. Their relationship has been the happiest time of both of their lives. They share two dogs who they adore, Lola and Heidi. They love traveling together, being with their friends, visiting family in Texas and Georgia, and playing with their puppies. They are so excited to share their love story with their close friends and family and look forward to their special day!
The Wedding

Saturday, March 23, 2019
5:30 PM
Attire: Formal
Seaside Chapel
Seaside, Florida
Marina Park
Watercolor, Florida
Wedding Party

Jake Atkins - Best Man
Trey Fix - Groomsman
William Watson - Groomsman
Josh Frank - Groomsman
Jacob Winslett - Groomsman
Josh Goldberg - Groomsman
Gauge Harvey - Groomsman
Luke Wilson - Groomsman
Cealia Dickerson - Maid of Honor
Breanna Chisolm - Bridesmaid
Tierney Thomas - Bridesmaid
Maggie Giles - Bridesmaid
Kimber Gieringer - Bridesmaid
Hadley Black - Bridesmaid
Meghan Johnson - Bridesmaid
Alyssa Ketner - Bridesmaid
House Party:

Caroline Akin
Allison Monroe
Katherine Stevens
Becky Helms